Youth Program (9 to 12)

At the New Amsterdam Fencing Academy North, fencers aged 9 to 12 enjoy group class emphasizing the technical and the tactical aspects of the sport. Training is geared towards developing speed, strength, endurance, confidence, focus, and self-control, all skills that help children do well not merely in fencing, but in school and in other organized sports.


Purchase of membership is required to participate in group classes and private lessons. NAFA North membership is $650/12 months.  Membership includes the use of NAFA North facilities and equipment as well as the right to represent NAFA North in competition. Please note that all membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

A Non-Competitive USFA membership is also included in club membership.  After signing up with NAFA North, we will provide you with your USFA member number.  If you child will compete at local, regional, and national level you will need to login to the USFA site and upgrade to a Competitive membership