New Amsterdam Fencing Academy (NAFA) is home to nationally ranked fencers and an exciting and innovative place to learn and grow.  NAFA is a wonderful place to improve fitness, develop mental acuity, and have fun.  From recreational fencers to competitors, from pre-schoolers to teens, there is a program for everyone.

We have developed a unique pedagogy, utilizing decades of hands-on teaching experience and partnerships with world-class fencing educators.  More than any other club, we build our fencers from the ground up.  We not only develop sound competitive fencing skills, but we instill a love of fencing and a solid foundation in character and community, values that go well beyond the confines of the fencing strip.

Group classes are the core of the NAFA fencing program.  In group classes, students become familiar with the movements and prerequisites of competitive fencing.  The emphasis is on coordination, fitness, and fundamental fencing skills.  Our stepwise curriculum allows for each student to strive and to grow at their own pace.  Group classes are also great fun!