New Amsterdam Fencing Academy (NAFA) is home to nationally ranked fencers and an exciting and innovative place to learn and grow. NAFA has a distinctive program—modeled after some of the most successful systems in the world—that emphasizes group training along with individual lessons. NAFA is a perfect place to improve fitness, develop mental acuity, and have fun!  From recreational fencers to competitors, from pre-schoolers to teens, everyone has a place at NAFA.

In the youngest groups, emphasis is placed on coordination and general fitness. Students play games and engage in fun and challenging, age-appropriate exercises that build a basis for fencing skills. Teachers foster focus and self-discipline while allowing students the room to play and explore – letting kids be kids.

Young students are introduced to the different weapons, and they learn fencing etiquette and protocols. As students master increasingly difficult physical challenges, they gain self- awareness and self-confidence.

For older students, the NAFA program addresses the four complimentary elements of training for a successful competitive fencer; group work (footwork and conditioning), individual lessons, practice bouting, and competitions.

In addition to regular training in groups and private lessons, the club offers periodic supplemental programs, focusing on competition readiness fencing, reffing, or mental skills training.  We also host tournaments and coaches travel with students as they gain competition experience locally, regionally, or nationally.