NAFA is dedicated to bringing fencing, and all of its many benefits, to students in and around Manhattan and Westchester.  John Gonzalez founded the first programs, which ran in Manhattan, in 2001.  Joseph Fisher and John worked together to launch NAFA North in 2009.  Together they have almost forty years of coaching experience.

Not only do our instructors know how to teach fencing, but they know how to teach kids.  NAFA coaches focus first and foremost on our students.  For those who want results, we guide and aid every step of the way, but we offer much more than fencing results.  A proper “parry four” is a key skill for our fencers, but self-confidence, respectfulness, and problem solving are skills that transcend the fencing “strip”.

In developing our curriculum, NAFA staff have relied on deep and rich resources; decades of fencing experience and decades of teaching experience, including working alongside Olympians, international competitors, and other world-class coaches.

Beyond our curriculum, we are very proud of the atmosphere that our club creates.  We foster a camaraderie between club-mates and a supportive and friendly rapport between students and their mentors.  Students describe the club as “family”.  We mentor and guide our students even beyond the years they spend in our club, helping them through the college process and beyond.  Every holiday break, we enjoy the company of returning graduates who stop in to fence and to stay connected to their fencing home.